Banking law

The firm has been represented banking and related clients for a large part of its existence and currently represents four of the six commercial banks in Guyana. We advise on and are engaged in litigation in all aspects of banking law and practice, including related areas such as guarantees, promissory notes, bills of exchange, letters of credit, bankruptcy, receiverships, mortgages, recovery of judgments, interests in property and the entire range of issues that arise. 

The firm is a leading provider of legal services in the corporate field, including company formation, administration, dissolution, compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act and other applicable legislation, and advice on all aspects of law affecting our corporate clients. We provide information on corporate law and practice to a number of international agencies. 

We represent leading insurance companies in Guyana engaged in most areas of insurance activity. We advise on the interpretation of insurance contracts, on claims of various types and represent our insurance clients in their litigation

We prepare and advise on a wide variety of contracts encompassing the entire area of commercial law.  We also examine contracts for due compliance with Guyana Law and advise accordingly. 

Building, construction, general infrastructure and procurement are recognized by Cameron & Shepherd as areas of law that will become important in the immediate future. In this regard we have had much past experience in representing international construction companies such as Taylor Woodrow and  Guyana Housing and Development Corporation and represent the Berbice Bridge Company. We have also advised several clients in relation to the Procurement Act, which establishes the rules for procurement.

Some of the contested commercial litigation we handle reaches the Court of Appeal and the Caribbean Court of Justice, where we have had the opportunity to assist in developing Guyana’s jurisprudence.